May 24 Day 24

May 24 Day 24 One more week to go before I finish off this challenge! The “big thing” everyone is discussing right now is that a bunch of knuckle-dragging idiots in dirty bedsheets are holding a rally downtown. Of course, everyone is telling everyone not to go confront them. Fine… I get that. They want

May 23 Day 23

May 23 Day 23 So… Started off the day working on this website for a little bit. Mostly, it was correcting the formatting on all of the blog posts. I actually managed to knock out most of them today. I didn’t get much else done, though. My biggest concern was just being able to wean

May 22 Day 22

May 22 Day 22 Kind of having one of those times where there is a lot to get done and I’m just not feeling it. Granted, my biggest pain the neck (currently) is that I wrecked my website and am in the process of pulling it back together. Most of the important things are back

MAY 21 DAY 21

May 21 Day 21 Today, today, today, today, TO – DAY! So… If you have ever looked at my website before, then you know that there are a few things that are… off. Well, if you had looked at it earlier today, it would have been WAAAAAY off. Like… There was nothing on it. Nothing.

MAY 20 DAY 20

May 20 Day 20 Obviously, this is not getting posted on May 20 or even close. I’ll be doing good to get this up before May 21 is out. Typical Mondays are part recovery from crazy Sunday with a dose of staff meetings in the evening. I try to get some practice in. Given the

MAY 19 DAY 19

May 19 Day 19 As I mentioned in previous entries, Sundays tend to be my crazy days. 4:30 AM wake. 5:30 get Mom ready. 6:30 out the door. 7:00 set up at The Greene. 8 rehearsal. 9 Service 1. 10:20 Service 2. Scramble to tear everything down by 12 noon. Lunch with Mom afterwards. Go

MAY 17 DAY 17

May 17 Day 17 Not much to report today… except that the temperature is starting to creep upward. This is about the time of year where I start keeping an eye on the forecast. The heat pump in my garage is pretty efficient and gets the job done, though it is past time for me

MAY 16 DAY 16

May 16 Day 16 Again… Not a super-eventful day. I took Mom out a little earlier than usual because I had a mid-day booking. Of course, I knew exactly what she was going to pick. Waffle House. I tend to associate Waffle House more with a late-night run or a stop on a road trip,

MAY 15 DAY 15

May 15 Day 15 Out of order. I hesitate to even use that phrase because it is so loaded. It implies chaos, which is actually on the mark. The flip side of it is that it implies order once existed and that there was some point in which things just started to go wrong. I’m