There are many things to consider when selecting music. What’s the message about? What’s the scripture? What’s the theme of the worship series? What liturgical season is it? (Advent? Pentecost?) Is it a major celebration? (Easter? Christmas?) What part of the service is it for? (Offering? Communion? Meditation?) What else have you sung lately? Are there any baptisms or commemorations?

Who is on your team for that weekend? Not just talking about singers. Who is playing instruments? What genres do they specialize in outside of church? Is there a choir? Did a choir rehearsal get snowed out? (If you’re having choir rehearsals during COVID, then you’re garbage.) Is there someone you can add? How is your team? Are they getting burned out?

Did anything of significance happen in the news? Is there a major cultural holiday? Did something big happen in the life of the church?

Is there something of importance that has been weighing on your heart? What new songs just came out? What songs have you not done in a while? Have you been teaching a lot of new songs lately? Are you teaching new songs?

What about the flow of service? Does your worship set always start hyped up and then wind down? What happens if you start subdued and build up? Is the message in one part or two parts? Have you done an altar call or call to worship lately? How long is your service?

What about your team? Yes, I know I already mentioned them. What songs are they feeling? Do they have any suggestions that you could look into, whether for this weekend or down the road? What about your less experienced members? Are there any songs you can have them start working on

As I said, there are a lot of things to consider. Don’t let it get overwhelming, because there will come a point where you just have to make the decision. Whether you feel at ease or not, make it. Your team is depending on you so they have time to prepare. Helping them do their best work will also help YOU. As a leader of musicians, your team is your key to success.

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