May 2 Day 2

Remember how I said in the first entry that I expected half of my entries to be “nothing exciting happened today”? Well… That was quick.

I started off my day by cleaning the spam messages off of my website. No one can see them because I set it up so that all replies have to be approved. Early on when I went to a blog format, I found myself cleaning 30 messages about Cialis off my page. I never made that mistake again! Of course, since I don’t check the backend as regularly as I should, I saw over 850. Sadly enough, that isn’t even a record. Why do I have a website I pay for and barely use again?

Oh yeah… because social media is owned by someone else who decides what gets seen.

Everything else was pretty much routine, with the exception of picking up my electric piano from our sister church. As usual, I took Mom out to lunch where one of our prominent townspeople talked with her for a bit. I then came home and put up the worship set for this weekend on our online planning system. Again… nothing really exciting or crazy, which is actually a really good thing after I forgot everything yesterday.

Yeah. Not really feeling the Rachmaninov today.

My day was finished out by messing around with a Rachmaninov sonata I first learned about ten years ago. I’ve actually only played the first movement publicly (twice). After seeing memories of a recital I gave four years ago on Facebook, I feel a nudge to put on another recital… but my actual practice routine as of late has really not been loving the classical music. Too many things are competing for attention in my mind and it seems like nothings that’s winning out is anything really constructive.


On another note, it looks like the gout is starting to clear up in my right wrist. Still a bit of a ting, but much better than it was the other day. Any progress is good progress, I suppose.

All the best,


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