I went back and forth about posting this on my website. Politics tend to be a lightning rod, particularly if you happen to be Progressively-minded. Ultimately, I decided that this transcends the Liberal/Conservative divide.

No, I’m not particularly happy with the election results. I wasn’t particularly happy with the results in 2000 and 2004, either, however the election of 2016 has a new life altogether. This isn’t simply about a figure with political differences from me. This is about a man who has promised to institutionalize discriminatory policies targeting specific segments of the population, one of which I happen to belong. This is about a man who nodded and winked at white supremacist organizations and is even right now courting figures in the “Alt-right” movement for his cabinet. W-H-N is a man who is actively courting and giving a voice to groups who have ME in their crosshairs.

Yes, I know people EXACTLY like W-H-N. I’ve had people exactly like this man in positions of power OVER MY LIFE with no qualms whatsoever about stopping me and saying “I’m watching you, Boy. Don’t get out of line.” I’ve also had others say to me “Oh… I know so-and-so. He’d NEVER do that.” Like Hell he wouldn’t!

W-H-N has been elected to the highest office in the land and given a rubber stamp in the form of both Houses of Congress. This is NOT about “how you felt under President Obama.” I voted against GWB twice and at most I expected (and got) his gross indifference to my concerns, which is pretty much what I expected out of Sen. Clinton or Gov. Mitt Romney or Sen. John McCain. That man I refer to as W-H-N made bigotry, discrimination, and racism a central component of his campaign. And I’m supposed to believe his administration won’t do the same?

It’s easy to say “This was about policy” when YOU aren’t the target of his “policies.” Chances are you won’t be randomly stopped and frisked by law enforcement. Chances are no one will question YOUR citizenship based on your name or skin tone. Chances are that no one will question YOUR loyalty to the country based on which church you go to or your last name. Chances are that no one is trying to find every which way to legally undo the marriage you fought years to have. Chances are that no one is going to force you to allow toxic substances to be piped right through your water supply. These are ALL policies that W-H-N pushed for as part of his campaign which are specifically aimed at minorities. This is NOT about “feelings” or “emotion.” This is about REALITY. A reality that millions of minority Americans are facing being perpetrated on them by the incoming presidential administration. This is a reality that 211 million Americans – who are NOT minorities – will likely NEVER experience.

It’s kind of hard for me to get upset about someone kneeling during a song or burning a piece of cloth when the country they represent makes it a national policy to treat ME as less than American. No doubt that I’ll hear “If you don’t like it, get the hell out.” How about this one? “If you don’t want it done to YOU, then don’t let anyone do it to OTHERS.”

W-H-N is our president-elect. Out of everyone in that clown car, THAT MAN is the one who was chosen. THAT MAN who wants to institutionalize discrimination against ME. THAT MAN who is engaging people who not that long ago murdered people like ME for sport without any consequences whatsoever. And W-H-N not only has raised their profile, but is putting them into positions of power.

And the near 50% of the US who voted for him? They’re perfectly okay with it. Why? They can pretend it is just about Obamacare, Business regulations, etc. Don’t get me wrong. Minorities have diverse positions on it, however one consideration goes beyond all of it… SURVIVAL. As long as White Supremacists are given a platform and the power to exercise it, my LIFE and my LIVELIHOOD – and that of many people I hold dear – are at stake. Don’t ask me to give a damn about your “feelings” if you don’t give a damn about my life.


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