People need reps to build chops.

Not everyone walks in having played or sung with others professionally for 20 years. Sometimes there are people who want to learn… WHICH IS A GOOD THING. Encourage it! Get them reps. Let them figure out how they can contribute. Give that singer time to get over her nerves so maybe she can lead a song down the pike. Teach that keyboard player to read chords with the expectation that months down the line, he will be able to hold his own.

THIS ALSO APPLIES TO YOU. Get this through your pastor’s thick head if he/she doesn’t understand it. You aren’t going to learn how to do something that intimidates you if you don’t practice it. Ever. In front of people. In a live service. Anyone who expects perfection from the top and every week thereafter is willfully naïve at best and micromanager at worst. Anyone who does the exact same thing week after week and never gets out beyond the comfort zone is LAZY.

Challenge is an integral part of growth. You’re not doing anything at all if you – and everyone else – only stick what you’re good at.

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