Give people space to operate… but with the understanding it’s yours to give.

Delegate, delegate, delegate… I’m a fan of that. HOWEVER, with delegation has to come firm boundaries. Allow space for your people to work out their assignments, but let there be no misunderstanding that the buck stops with you. You cannot effectively lead a group with members that undermine you or challenge you for control.

The drummer suggesting you switch out the groove on the recording in favor of a shuffle? That’s fine. No problem with that whatsoever. You can say “Yes or No” and move on. The vocalist who goes behind your back to change the selections or control the band? Don’t schedule her again.

Warning: Sometimes the biggest offenders when it comes to undermining you or enabling those who do are pastors. Come to an agreement on that otherwise you will never be running anything. Your performance will be assessed on a group you have been stripped authority over.

Boundaries are life. Draw them early. Don’t yield.

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