Operate from your strengths, but challenge yourself.

In all likelihood, you have your position because there is an area in which you are exceptionally gifted that has been deemed to be a tremendous asset. You should absolutely, positively operate from that area as the situation calls from it. THAT SAID…

If you never venture out of your area of comfort, you will never grow, either as a person or as a leader. You will always be doing exactly the same thing, maybe getting exactly the same results, and at some point, what you do will grow stale. You have to be learning something outside of just “more songs” – something that you are able and willing to bring into your leadership.

Everything may be looking just fine now, but at some point, people always ask for the receipts. If you’re a one-note person with no substance, then your ministry is going to be one-note as well. Get out of the box!

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