Cue your team.

Got a sudden break in the music? Or a dramatic hit? Or maybe you’re going to bring everyone way down. Or vamp the bridge longer than is on the page. Whether they be singers or instrumentals, they’re human. They get wrapped up in the music. They space out. It may be a lot to remember. And they may even have a short attention span. Who knows?

You can talk the music out beforehand. You can put the most detailed of notes on your chord charts and your music scores. You can lead everyone to the tattoo parlor to get the directions on your hand.


You can find some way to give a cue for something about to happen and warn your team ahead of time. Straight out: This is the best way to do it. Even better is that the more you do it, the better your team gets at reading your cues.

Memory is good. Memory is important. Not all memory is equal. Cue your team.

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