When assembling and recruiting a worship team, you often do have a purpose in mind for individual people you approach. You may need David for the guitar or Eliab on the setup crew or Jonathan up on the soundboard. Approach them, get them involved, and schedule them. That said… If you know David and Eliab are brothers or that Jonathan is David’s best friend, make a point of regularly scheduling them on the same days.

This goes back to acknowledging that people actually have lives outside of your church services. By scheduling them together, you are respecting their bond and creating an opportunity for them to serve together. You are also leaving an opportunity for them to worship together on days they don’t serve. (Whether they take that opportunity is up to them, but you are at the very least creating space.)

At the place that made me an exile – you can look up that story on my website – I would actually prioritize that in my scheduling. My bassist and electric guitarist were cousins who often played in the same band (outside of church). I’d schedule one of my drummers with his uncle (singer/percussion), aunt (singer), and occasionally his father (bass) all in the same services along with a trumpet player (on guitar) that were ALL in the same Latin Salsa band (admittedly, with me). Another drummer told me her son was home on break sang in a college group. I made sure he had a mic for our Christmas service.

Families want time to be families. Support them by providing more opportunities.

Well… And if you know that the brothers David and Eliab don’t get along, maybe it is better to support their relationship by making sure they don’t serve in the same area on the same day.

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