Yes, one of my previous Lessons from Exile was about staying in The Word. It centered on the responsibility of modeling what you proclaim to be about, particularly if “minister” or “worship” is in your title. Be the person you proclaim to be:

In your actions

In your mind.

When you’re alone.

When you’re on stage.

Whether you have anything to gain.

Whether you have nothing to gain.

Whether you are respected.

Whether they have unbridled contempt for you.

Regardless of the image painted of you.

Stand up for people. Stand up for yourself. Advocate for people. Genuinely want the best for people. Give freely and responsibly. Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus, complete with the scars from the rusty nails, the scourge, and the spear in the side.

Be who you say you are.

And if that isn’t at all who you are, then quit pretending before you hurt somebody in a way you can’t possibly heal… if you even care. If you aren’t there to represent Him, get the fuck out of ministry.

It’s not about you. It’s about Him.

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