Whether you are running a choir, band, worship team, media crew, or any other ensemble, recruitment and retention are going to be among your main priorities. Yes, there is indeed something about having enough people in key places in the ministry. My previous entry was all about what happens when there is a HUGE GAP. Believe it or not, this message isn’t completely about recruitment.

When I say, “Bring people in”, I am really telling you to create opportunities to get involved. Worship isn’t a weekly spectator sport for the crowd to marvel together at your brilliance while you and your friends entertain them. That’s idolatry. Worship is about Jesus. You are gathering everyone together to worship Jesus. Everybody has a place in the Body of Christ. Worship is for everybody.

And your job is to help them find out how they can contribute.

It may be singing. It may be playing an instrument. It may be a dramatic reading. It may be a prayer. It may be dance. It may be art. And maybe it is helping you to organize a service around Latin Salsa music. Maybe it is talking about her experience in her native Brazil. There are a lot of possibilities for people to enrich the worship and bring themselves into it. Find them!

Is it easy? No. And it takes some planning beforehand. Wah. Get to work.

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