I realize that this is not always convenient or timely, but always choose to be where you are wanted.

You are not your title or position. You aren’t your talents, gifts, strengths, or abilities. You aren’t your experience. You are a highly-favored and valued Child of God made in His image. Any place that doesn’t regard or treat you as so is not worth your time and energy. If they want your gifts, but not you, then don’t go there.

The problems with going where you are needed, but not wanted:

  • You’re being used.
  • You will be treated differently from the people they actually want.
  • You will be held to different standards than the people they actually want.
  • You might just be a placeholder for someone they actually want but can’t get.
  • If your job is to recruit a team and build systems, once that team can run without you, their “need” of you ends. They’ll dump you, keep your work, and maybe even hand it off to someone they wanted that was too lazy to do the work.

Put simply: If they actually want you, they’ll respect you as an asset. If they don’t want you, then they consider you a “necessary liability” until you are no longer “necessary.”

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