Everyone has times of uncertainty.

Oftentimes, we want to do everything perfectly. I get that. If you want your rehearsal to go smoothly and efficiently, then you have to prioritize your preparation. That means your team has the music/charts/recording in time. As a director, that means knowing what you need everyone to do and being able to communicate it well before you get everyone together.

I’m not saying that you can’t change your mind. I’ve often done it right there in the moment. What I am saying is that nothing wastes more time than a “leader” who won’t lead. Your job is to pull all these parts together efficiently and timely while protecting the energy of your team. If you haven’t done your preparation, that’s going to be like pulling teeth. It’s not about you; it’s about everyone. You communicate your respect to them by valuing their time.

And sometimes, what that means is stopping even when everything didn’t come together just right. Or choosing the song even when you don’t like how it fits. Or cutting the song because it’s a trainwreck.

Your responsibility is to get the job done.

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