Shit happens. That was already one of my entries, but there are just some concepts that cannot be overemphasized. Everything is not going to be perfect every time. And if it does go perfect every time, then you are being lazy.

Whenever you make a new play, there is going to be a building curve and a learning curve. Sometimes they coincide. Often they do not. It is extremely important that when something does not go right, that you step back and analyze why it didn’t go right.

You have no one to run sound or media? That’s a building curve.

Is this your streaming tech’s first time setting up and running everything himself? That’s a learning curve.

Did you have to cut your rehearsal short because you had to figure out how to run the sound board? That’s both a learning and a building curve.

WHY something happened is just as – if not more – important as WHAT happened! If you respond to the what without taking a look at the why, then you will get nowhere because you will be constantly shifting course at the slightest sign of friction. WHY something happens is what informs your overall direction! Act on the why rather than the what.

And yes, that may very well involve telling someone to back the fuck off and let you work shit out.

Micromanagers will wreck your progress more than an entire month of Shit Days.

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