Yes, I know. Whether it is “music director”, “worship director”, “worship leader”, yadayadayada… I know what they mean. Also had “Minister of Music” and “Coordinator of Music Ministry.” The general job responsibilities are all the same. (Or they should be. That’s another conversation.)

Well… I have no title. That’s what happens when you get fired, even during a raging uncontrolled pandemic. Given my high-risk loved one and the third-degree church burn, that will likely not be changing anytime soon. That said… In the past month:

I recently transcribed a lead sheet for a music leader at one of my former churches.

I gave a phone tutorial on major and minor seventh chords to a university music student… from one of my former churches.

I subbed a few weeks as an interim music director – again… at one of my former churches – to give them time to make plans for their candidate search.

Given the rates of COVID infection exploding in my area, I’ve actually had to decline opportunities to serve in other places. (Again… I love you all, BUT… Now is not the time to confine myself into recirculated air with all of you.)

The titles may go away. The education, skills, and the experience do not go away. The relationships you’ve built don’t go away… unless you lose them in a church divorce. Still.

Is it the “Worship Director of Damascus Road Church” that people come to for assistance? Or is it you?

Your title – or lack of title – doesn’t define you. You define your title with everything you bring to it, your attitude, your beliefs, and your behavior. And when you go away, everything that defined your title goes with you.

You are not your positions. You are not what you do. You are who you are.

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