No, I’m not suggesting that you should ruthlessly root out, go after, and eliminate anyone on your team deemed a “loser.” In fact, if that is your inclination, then get the fuck out of ministry right now, because it is clearly about you and not God. The only people you should be inviting to go elsewhere are the ones willfully interfering.

Where God is concerned, there are no born losers except Satan. He specifically sent His son down here to fix that.

If the only way for you to win is to make sure someone else loses, then the true loser is you. Want to point to your professional title, bank account, and social status as evidence of God’s Blessing for your actions? It doesn’t work that way. The Book of Job – as well as the long list of shitty people of power, privilege, and prestige in the Bible and present day – says you’re wrong. Many of the people Jesus spoke the most highly of had nothing. If you “win” solely by using and stepping on top of others, then you are the loser because you choose to act in a way completely contrary to the Ultimate Winner you claim to represent.

If you are truly on the same team, then “success” isn’t this pie that everyone works to bake but only a few get to eat. Everyone who works can win. If you’re truly a leader, then you’ll see that everyone does.

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