May 17 Day 17

Not much to report today… except that the temperature is starting to creep upward. This is about the time of year where I start keeping an eye on the forecast. The heat pump in my garage is pretty efficient and gets the job done, though it is past time for me to clean it. As long as it keeps my piano in what I call the “acceptable temperature area” I’m good. I should probably check the bottom seal of my garage door to make sure it hasn’t dried out and got brittle.

As for the house, I’m trying to go as long as I can before turning on the central air. Obvious reason: Dayton Plunder & Loot. June through September tend to be expensive months. July gives me anxiety anyway with house insurance, real estate taxes, and three family birthdays all in the same week. Throw in an electric bill double what it is in April and I’ll probably be figuring out what other bills I can kick down the road.

The heat is particularly hard on Mom. I should know; I pick her up over 10 times a day and there are times I’m getting little to no leg strength from her. If I even get a whiff of it starting to affect her, that air conditioner is going on. I have to acknowledge that my brothers are also pretty good about that. I can tough out sweating like a mofo at night, but I’m not having Mom do it.

Ludwig and Assad aren’t impressed.

Today was a hodge-podge of errands and cleaning with a dash of “I better do this right now while I am thinking about it.” Certain things tend to collect in my office that actually belong in other places in the house. There’s one particular item that really needs to go because it is no longer used and is taking up valuable space. That’s kind of low on my list of priorities. I just want to get to – what is the word… – functional.

Tomorrow is looking like it is going to be a pretty long day. Just gotta roll.


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