May 16 Day 16

Again… Not a super-eventful day. I took Mom out a little earlier than usual because I had a mid-day booking. Of course, I knew exactly what she was going to pick. Waffle House. I tend to associate Waffle House more with a late-night run or a stop on a road trip, but that was where Mom wanted to go. So I took her. And of course, we get greeted by who I call Evil Angie.

All right. She’s not evil. She gives some sass and I give it back. She loves Mom and she takes good care of us every time we go, even if she’s not our server. Despite my best attempts, Mom appears to have adopted her as well… as if I didn’t have enough trouble-making sisters. (If I mysteriously disappear after this post is published, the primary suspect lives just a few miles from the Cumberland River. Love you, DS!) I told Evil Angie about how my church has declared Momma Jane their Momma too. Mosaic Church, Evil Angie has a few choice words for you!

After I got Mom back home and settled, I headed up to my 1:30 “office.” Over the years, I’ve had the honor of playing with a number of amazing musicians. One of the first people I worked with after moving home from Bloomington – in 2001 – is Brenda Brookshire who played trombone and sings. Her husband Eddie (the best bass player in town) contacted and booked me for that first gig, but she was the one I first played with. Twice a year I’ve gone to the elementary school where she teaches to play as part of a jazz combo for her Christmas and end-of-the-school-year concerts. Always a good time and I consider it one of the best uses of my time.

My office this afternoon. Not my keyboard, though.

One thing I also enjoyed about this was that I saw three of the kids I had been picking up in the church van for Tuesday nights for ESL. The first two I saw, I ran up and gave fist bumps. I turned and met their teacher and explained how I knew the kids and she says “Oh! You’re with Mosaic!” Her husband KK is one of our trouble-making regulars. He mentioned that she worked there and of course, I see her today!

(Also a shout-out for my friend DM who I saw in the hallway. Overdue to hang out with her family. I’m overdue to hang out with everyone it seems. Pretty sure I’m the worst friend ever.)

After that, it’s a matter of hitting my checklist. I have a number of things coming up and honestly don’t feel like I’m on top of any of them right now. Speaking of which… I should probably hit some of them.

Peace out!


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