May 20 Day 20

Obviously, this is not getting posted on May 20 or even close. I’ll be doing good to get this up before May 21 is out. Typical Mondays are part recovery from crazy Sunday with a dose of staff meetings in the evening. I try to get some practice in. Given the lack of sleep Saturday followed by more lack of sleep on Sunday, I really tried to get the rest. It didn’t quite work out. (Does it ever?)

The car my younger brother drives has this ongoing intermittent problem where it will just shut off – while driving – and then not turn over for about 10-15 minutes. It has happened twice while I was driving it, one time in the left turn lane of the LAST intersection I’d want to be stuck in. Battery and alternator have both been checked. He checked spark plugs. We aren’t mechanics. Dude should take it in, but admittedly that car is barely limping. Another car should be on the table.

My sandals may be made for walking, but my brother is NOT.

Anyway… I got up and took him to work, which messed with my plan to catch up on sleep. Mom wanted some Mexican, so I took her to one of her places that just relocated. Lunch was great. I checked my new host to see if my domain was switching or at the very least I could start setting up the website. Saw no sign. Having never moved a website before, there probably was some way to set it up before the domain moved, but I sure as hell didn’t know it.

About the time I was originally writing this post – which was about 12:30 AM on May 21 – the domain switched. I checked it out and then started restoring the website and database like these online places said. NOPE. Didn’t work. I put it in the wrong place the first time. Then I put it in the right place and it still wouldn’t work. At that point, I set that aside because I remembered “Shit! I need to set my GSuite back up!”

Now… I used to love Google, but they destroyed that love when Google Wallet held $200 my sister gave me to help cover the cost of our father’s memorial expenses. FOR OVER TWO MONTHS. So… As far as I’m concerned, Google can do unmentionable things to itself with objects you can imagine. Unfortunately, I use GSuite for my website email. (Well… and Google for my personal email and my work email, too.) I had to go and set that up all over again and convince Google to look for it. As quickly as possible.

One of my sisters uses one of my domain emails for her Google music cloud. For the love of God, do not get in between DS and her music. I don’t know about you, but I like being alive.

Speaking of that… May 20 marked two years to the day that we held my father’s memorial service. Three church communities came together to help us pull that together. It ran way too long, but it was a great service and probably the best thing to come out of that time period. In a way, it was also a preview of what it was going to be like working with the Brother Rudy and the Terrible Twosome. Dad’s sendoff did him justice and it was fitting for it to be in the town he loved with his friends and family.

Back to my website… Well… Meh. I hope I develop a great relationship with, because I don’t ever want to do this again!


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