As I’ve mentioned in an earlier installment, no one achieves success completely on their own. Somewhere down the line, someone helped them. Someone supported them. Someone mentored them. Someone invested in them. My previous entry was focused more on mentorship/discipleship.

That also applies in those relationships outside of your specialty area. Perhaps your Youth Minister needs is short a chaperone for an outing. Maybe the Family Ministries director needs someone to hang with the babies. Or Hospitality needs someone to pick up bottled water from the store. Or one of your regulars just had back surgery and is recuperating.

You don’t need to do everything for everybody. In fact, you should absolutely positively limit your availability if for any other reason so the church recognizes that your time and energy is also valuable. I made that mistake and it was used against me. Draw a firm line.

Just recognize that you are also part of a community. At some point, you will need help from the community as well. Accept it. Give without strings. Accept without strings. Don’t let your generosity be turned into an entitlement of others to your time.

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