The more you do at once, the less effective you are at all of it.

Any director that claims to be able to direct the band, direct the choir, be the lead soloist, be the main accompanist, hold down the bass part in the left hand, AND run a worship team operating at their best at the time is either delusional (which can be somewhat of an asset) or lying through his/her teeth.

You can’t do it all at the same time and be good. Delegate it. If your job is directing the band and/or choir, then you can – and should – farm everything else out.

A little warning: Some pastors will not understand this and may see doing this as indicative of your either being “lazy” or “lacking skill.” They are wrong. It is about being efficient and focusing your energy. You’re there to lead the music, not to do everything yourself. Farm it out.

If your pastor pushes back, then chances are that you have a meddling micromanager and have far worse problems. You have to decide for yourself what to do about that.

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