May 14 Day 14

So… If you are following me on social media, you have probably noticed that I didn’t post this on 5/14 or even anywhere kind of close. In fact, I’m estimating that I will probably post this the night of 5/15 along with whatever goes on 5/15. I don’t know if that is the case. That’s just what I’m going to guess.

After the picture brouhaha from 5/13, I compared the services and costs of the host of to the one I was purchasing for another website. Huge difference. Incredibly huge difference. Granted, there was a cost difference, but even upgrading to the top tier package of this site’s host didn’t provide the storage of my other website’s host. And it would cost more. I just decided that I would transfer it.

This isn’t to say my (now) previous host gave me bad service. It was great for what I needed at the time I purchased the service back in (I think) 2007, but it certainly was not meeting my needs these days. I’m a little sad because that was a great service being offered through an organization I believe in and still retain membership. The guy who spearheaded it and other initiatives – and may I add, made sure I had what I needed and called me to specifically tell me what I needed to do – has constantly been one of my favorite people in the organization. If that guy told me to try a shrimp eggroll, I’d do it… and I’m allergic to shrimp!

Okay. I respect him, but no I wouldn’t. I mean… Have you seen the cost of EpiPens? I really don’t want to get a tracheotomy either. The Good Lord knows the line of people waiting to stab me in the throat probably goes clear out of town.

So… To my friend PS: YOU’RE A F***ING ROCK STAR!!! THANK YOU!!! Everybody else better get with the times.

Thumbs up to PS and Gorzek! Always great to have people who know what they are doing.

Also sending another shoutout to Gorzek who informed my website-ignorant ass that yes, I can store more than one website on a host account. Yes, I realize some of you are staring in disbelief, but I promise you: this wasn’t covered when I was in school. Shoot… I was in my third year of college before I even had my first email address. You young’uns don’t know! Okay… Being the oldy-moldy, I’m the one who doesn’t know.

Of course, actually carrying out the transfer and backing up – added onto my many previous experiences of destroying my website – has me a bit tied up in anxious knots, but hopefully I’ll have the job done right. I am somewhat worried about screwing up my GSuite. I might be fine. Don’t know.

This experience has inspired me to do something else that I probably won’t mention here. My father would f***ing love it. That’s all I’ll say.

Wishing you all the best,


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