May 22 Day 22

Kind of having one of those times where there is a lot to get done and I’m just not feeling it. Granted, my biggest pain the neck (currently) is that I wrecked my website and am in the process of pulling it back together. Most of the important things are back up, thankfully. I’m just going through and fixing the formatting and other whatchamacallits in the blog posts. As of this writing, I have 41 blog posts total (not including this one). Two of them I wrote after the website changed hosts, so I don’t have to touch them. Out of the 39 remaining posts, I fixed 14 of them, which means I have 25 more to do. 19 of them were written this month.

Once I get those 25 out of the way, I will be more than overjoyed to say “Adios” to Microsoft Edge. Working with two browsers to copy/paste and alter formatting between two versions of the website is deceptively tedious. What’s particularly annoying – because of the difference in WordPress versions as well as the blog interface – is when I have to switch to HTML to get the embedded YouTube videos to present how I want them to. The blog interface in the ionos customized WordPress version – which I have to use on the already-annoying Microsoft Edge – is particularly aggravating to work with. Planning to change that as soon as I can.

(I hope I can, anyway…)

Stray cat I have dubbed “Reese” running around our yard.

Took Mom to get her Popeye’s. All I can think of is how the Hardened Gardener blabbed to one of our committees about how I refused to take her to Popeye’s one Sunday and nearly got me killed. I thought I was going to have to seek out protective custody, because I knew I’d never make it anywhere. Mom was born in KY and grew up in WV, which means going through those states are out. Got a sister living in Detroit which means I’m not escaping into Canada that way. I know too many people in PA and all of them are armed. That leaves Indiana.

Although I will always have a soft spot in my heart for my beloved Indiana University, there’s the whole matter of that state giving us the current vice president. Really, Dudes? You didn’t learn the last time you gave us a vice president that you should have stopped?

Whatever.Don’t pretend y’all didn’t know my liberal leanings before you got here.

Peace out.


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