This is a message that I am hesitant to write – much less post – if for any other reason that I know once I go there, I cannot go back. So… Here it is.

Own your shit.

As you can see by the title, I specifically chose not to censor it or make it less objectionable. You can call it what you want. Guano, poop, droppings, bowel movements, stink, turd, defecation, excrement… No, I didn’t have to pull out a thesaurus. I actually have quite a vocabulary. All those words refer to the same thing: Shit.

Own it. We all do it. What we eat has to come out sometime. Hopefully, you wipe afterwards and wash your hands. Own your shit.

Now… while I have spent this time talking about a literal bodily function, I am of course speaking figuratively. (Yes, I realize that this is writing and I am not literally speaking, but bear with me.)

A perfect man has not walked on the face of the earth in nearly 2000 years. Every one of us has both positive and negative traits and at times pull some shit. Very few of us actually own up to it. WE want to put on this nice disguise, pretend everything is and has always been perfectly okay, and the minute someone walks in making a ruckus, we fall all over ourselves hurrying to hush them rather than actually addressing the root of the problem.

Own your shit.

You aren’t perfect. Not even close. You’re not a perfect parent, a perfect son or daughter, a perfect example, or a perfect saint. Who are you fooling? Your children? Your community? The world? God?

The answer is… no one. You are fooling no one.

Oh sure… You may deceive them for a while. You may even deceive yourself for a while, but it will catch up to you sooner or later and the fallout and potential harm will be far worse than if you had just owned it to begin with.

But PLEASE wash your hands afterwards.

Own your shit.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you just grab any random person off the street and start confessing everything from the gum you stole in kindergarten to that time you let your dog shit all over your neighbor’s petunias. What I am saying is that if your words or your actions have adversely affected somebody else, then fucking own it. Don’t minimalize or disavow your part. Don’t hide behind other people. Don’t hide behind God. Don’t pretend you didn’t realize when you knew full well.

Own your shit.

Because I tell you… Not owning it is going to lead to a lot more harm. Not owning it says you can’t be trusted. Not owning it says you value image more than justice and fairness. Not owning it says that you are at most skin deep.

And you… You are so much more than that. You are. Regardless of where you are right now. Regardless of what you’ve done. Regardless of everything else going on in this world. You are so much more than pretty window dressing. You are so much more than your bank account, investment portfolio, social status, professional accomplishments, or level of influence. You are so much more than how this world sees you. And even now… Even now, you can become that much more.

But you have to own your shit. If you don’t you are choosing to be nothing. And that’s not what God made you to be.

Own your shit.


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